Mineral Management

We excel at specialty asset management of minerals, oil and gas. Our specialist team offers clients expert handling of complex and time-consuming responsibilities.

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Oil and Gas Specialty Assets and Well Rights

At Mobank, we're a recognized leader in institutional and trust management of oil, gas and real estate. With agent and trustee experience centered in the Southwest since 1949, we have the specialized knowledge to navigate the competitive energy environment.

Leverage our Experience

Holding approximately 100,000 assets under our management, we're one of the largest mineral asset managers in the nation. Put our experience to work for you today.

Available Throughout the U.S. and Canada

We'll work with you anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Through our entire network of affiliate banks, BOK Financial Corporation (BOKF) can offer our clients comprehensive mineral management services across the U.S. and into Canada.

In mineral management, our services include:

  • Fiduciary mineral management, as agent and trustee
  • Oil and gas accounting, with more than $100 million in revenue and more than 5,000 joint interest billings processed each year
  • Oil and gas lease review, evaluation and negotiation, spanning more than 500 leases annually
  • Division order analysis and processing, with more than 2,000 reviewed and processed each year
  • Gas contract and marketing administration
  • Lease, division order and contract file maintenance
  • Exploration and production analysis (well proposals and proposed authority for expenditure)
  • Property valuation (sales, acquisitions, estate tax and annual reporting)
  • Ad valorem tax administration
  • Extensive reporting capabilities and regulatory compliance monitoring via SSAE 16 (SOC-1) audit report
  • Dormant mineral filings, if required
  • Title analysis and title document review

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