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Before You Leave
Alert us of your travel plans
We know how important it is to have access to your funds while you’re away. It’s helpful if we know where you’re traveling and when you’ll be there. Then we can place travel alerts on your debit cards or accounts to ensure purchases made in other countries go smoothly. It also gives us a chance to verify your contact information in case we need to contact you while you’re traveling. If you’d like to send us the information via email, send details to

mobank Travel Products
Reloadable cards
Set up direct deposit from your checking account, or simply go online to add funds when you need them.

Youth cards
One for you, and one for your child. These cards are a great way to give your youth access to funds in a safe and controlled manner.

EMV travel cards
Going to Europe? These reloadable cards have an embedded chip allowing you to use them at foreign ATMs or retailers, without worry of incompatibility.

Foreign currency
We are happy to order foreign currency for you. Please note that it takes a few days for the order to arrive. If you’re more of a “do-it-yourselfer,” click here.

Helpful Travel Tips
Always bring alternate forms of payment.
In case a card is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, you’ll want to have a backup means of payment available. Keep your backups in a different spot in case something happens to your wallet.

Memorize your PIN.
Don’t write your PIN down and keep it in your wallet. This gives thieves quick and easy access to your funds in the event your wallet is lost or stolen.

Watch out for ATM skimming.
Crooks can add their own devices to ATMs that are capable of grabbing your card information. If a machine looks like it’s been tampered with, don’t use it.

Call your cell phone company.
It's always advisable to call your cell phone company in advance to set up access for international calling when traveling out of the country.

Ask your hotel in advance how much is charged to your debit card upfront.
Sometimes hotels and vendors will charge the entire amount of your stay at once, exceeding debit card daily limits, or place a security deposit hold during your stay. Ask about your hotel's policy before handing over your card.

Check your accounts when you return.
Be sure to keep your receipts and double-check your account for overcharges when you return from your trip.


We strive to keep your money and personal information protected by maintaining excellent attention to security. There are many safeguards placed on your debit card for your protection including fraud alerts, billing address verification, and daily limits.

  • Fraud alerts may be placed on your account when transactions are attempted that do not match your typical activity. When you alert us of your travel plans, it can help prevent your card from being suspended. If you suspect this could be preventing card use:
    • Call a mobanker during regular business hours at 816.881.8200.
    • Contact a fraud prevention specialist at 800.437.9392 or internationally at 1.727.227.2447.
    • Find Free Domestic ATMs: mobank's ATM Finder
    • Reloadable and Youth Cards:
    • Travel EMV Cards:
  • Vendors may require address verification. If the address does not match our records, your card may be declined.
  • To better protect your funds, a daily limit is placed on debit cards. Once this limit is reached, further purchases may be blocked.
  • Perhaps you forgot to make a transfer. An overdrawn account will prevent a debit card from working.

Daily limits are placed on the amount you can use your debit card for, as well as the amount you’re able to withdraw from an ATM. Contact a mobanker to learn what your limits are. If you let us know when you may be exceeding them, we can temporarily increase the amount you have access to.

mobank customers have 24/7 access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through the MoneyPass and SUM networks. Find surcharge-free ATMs in your neighborhood or across the country.

No, mobank does not charge for ATM withdrawals; however, fees may be assessed by the institution that owns the ATM. Find surcharge-free ATMs in your neighborhood or across the country through the MoneyPass and SUM networks, or download the MoneyPass app on your smartphone.

Each situation is different and may require different amounts of currency. Contact a mobanker and we’ll work it out together.

Once you alert us of your travel plans, your debit card should work properly in foreign countries. Always take alternate forms of payment to ensure you don’t end up without access to funds. Some foreign countries use EMV chip technologies instead of magnetic-striped cards. Merchants are still required to accept magnetic-striped cards, but if you’re concerned, we recommend taking a reloadable EMV travel card.

More Resources
There are great resources online that provide an array of helpful travel tips, both domestic and international.

To contact a mobanker:
mobank Main Line: 816.881.8200
ebanking Hotline: 816.881.8270
Email mobank:

Non-mobanker contacts:
Fraud Department: 1.800.437.9392 or internationally 1.727.227.2447

Debit Cards (Personal and Business):
Report a lost or stolen card calling in U.S. – 1.800.500.1044

mobank Credit Cards (Personal and Business):
24/7 Lost/Stolen calling in U.S. – 1.866.839.3485
24/7 Lost/Stolen calling internationally – 1.727.227.2447

Find Free Domestic ATMs: mobank's ATM Finder
Reloadable and Youth Cards:
Travel EMV Cards:

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