Small Business Course

Presenter: Dodie Jacobi
As a business owner, you have more authority over your life than at any other time in known human history. The next generation of entrepreneurship is fueled by geographic limitlessness; technological swiftness, capacity and access; and an unwillingness to wait until Retirement before leading a rounded, fulfilling life.

In the first two sessions of Business Edge, fellow entrepreneur and mentor Dodie Jacobi triple dog dares you to leverage your creativity and freedom, to ask more of your life, and expect to get both fun AND profit for your efforts. (She hasn’t yet met a business that couldn’t generate both for an entrepreneur willing to make changes!)

You’ll learn how to get clear about where you're growing, confidently focus your resources toward meaningful action, turn barriers into stepping stones, filter and prioritize new ideas, and accomplish more with more success.

You'll leave each session loaded with tools Business Edge alum report using for years.

Presenter: Julie Nelson Meers
You don't need to be fluent in the language, but a bit of conversational accounting allows you to communicate clearly with your bookkeeper, accountant, and banker. Julie teaches you how to speak the financial equivalent of "where's the baggage claim?" so you can talk about your business's financial statements without needing a professional translator.

Presenter: Julie Nelson Meers
While there is no replacement for a business owner’s intuition, your new knowledge about accounting allows you to consider more objective information to aid in decision-making. Julie shows you how historic financial performance can help project available funds, determine your company’s breakeven point, establish a profitable fee structure, and uncover more truths from those numbers that never lie.

Presenter: Danielle Rodenbough
You decided when you left Corporate America that you wouldn't have one of those companies stifled by senseless human resources protocol. Yet with complex employment laws that can be devastating to the unprepared business, some infrastructure is more than sensible. Part Q&A and part real life employer experiences (with names changed of course), Danielle gives you information to help you create a productive work environment that also is legally compliant.

Special Guest: Grant Burcham

mobank's president/CEO pays a visit to meet the class, talk shop, and field a little Q&A action. Hear Grant's entrepreneurial tale and learn about mobank's culture and values.

Presenter: Dodie Jacobi
With digital marketing you can affordably and effectively reach your ideal clients like never before. In the final session of the Business Edge course, Dodie helps you define your ideal client profile, then shows you how to connect your web site with email, social networks, online advertising, and publicity to create a semi-automatic marketing machine that generates a perpetual stream of qualified leads for your business. These are the same tactics Dodie used to increase her business’ income 30% the first year and another 40% the second. How appropriate that the last class shows you how to say goodbye to client feast or famine.

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