Personal Banking

Personal eBanking

Getting Started
Easy to use and convenient to access, Personal eBanking gives you 24/7 account capabilities – whether you're at home, in the office or on the road.

With mobank's Personal eBanking, our lobby is as close as your computer:

  • Securely access your accounts with a User ID and password
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • View account activity anytime you want, and print or download it into your financial management software
  • Pay bills online or send payments directly to individuals with People Pay
  • Place stop pays
  • View last 12 months of your statements
  • Maintain alerts for specific balance or transaction activity

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What's needed?

  1. At least one checking, savings or loan account with Missouri Bank.
  2. An active account with an Internet Service Provider and a browser with 128-bit Strong Encryption that is compatible with mobank's Personal eBanking system.

    Check to make sure you have one of the recommended browsers listed below. If not, they can be downloaded free of charge. Just click on the link of the browser you want to download. While other browser editions may work, these browsers have been tested and certified to work with our Personal eBanking system.

    Mac Users

    PC Users

    To download the most recent version of Acrobat®, click here.

  3. Enroll for Personal eBanking. It's easy!

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Bill Pay and People Pay

Bill pay
Paying bills online with mobank Bill Pay is fast and easy. You can pay almost any merchant or service provider with a U.S. Postal address. All you need is mobank Personal eBanking and a checking account.

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Schedule, change or stop single and recurring payments
  • View payment history
  • Make inter-bank transfers of funds to personal accounts at other financial institutions
  • Receive electronic versions of your bills directly within Bill Pay that you can view and pay immediately
  • Receive email notifications for activated payees, summary of payments and upcoming payment due dates
  • No charge for unlimited transactions

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People Pay

  • Available with mobank's Bill Pay access
  • Send money to individuals using their mobile number, email address, account number or PayPal account
  • Receive email notifications for activated payees and payments sent
  • No charge for unlimited transactions
Personal eBanking User Responsibilities

User Responsibilities
While our service provider continues to evaluate and implement the latest improvements in Internet security technology, users of the Personal eBanking system also have responsibility for the security of their information and should always follow the recommendations listed below:

  • Utilize the latest 128 bit encryption version of either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Personal eBanking system is best viewed and is most secure when you use one of these two browsers, as they are both certified for use at our site.
  • Your Security Code must be kept confidential. You must follow our specific parameters for a Security Code and change it frequently to ensure that the information cannot be guessed or used by others.
  • Be sure others are not watching you enter information on the keyboard when using the system.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to the Personal eBanking system. Others may approach your computer and gain access to your account information if you walk away.
  • Click Exit when you are finished using the system to properly end your session. Once a session has been ended, no further transactions can be processed until you log on to the system again.
  • Close your browser when you are finished, so that others cannot view any account information displayed on your computer.
  • Keep your computer free of viruses. Use virus protection software to routinely check for a virus on your computer. Never allow a virus to remain on your computer while accessing the online banking system.
  • Report all crimes to law enforcement officials immediately.

When you follow these simple security measures, your interaction with the Personal eBanking system will be completely confidential. We look forward to serving your Personal eBanking and bill payment needs both today and into the future – securely!

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