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June 2014 - New artwork brings fresh inspiration to mobank Crossroads "Artboards"

Thursday May 15, 2014

The Missouri Bank Crossroads "Artboards" will soon display new art contributed by Peregrine Honig and the joint efforts of Megan Mantia and Leone Reeves. Their work will be installed in time for the Crossroads Summer Block Party on June 6, and will be on display for the summer.

Sponsored by the American Institute of Architects-Kansas City and the Charlotte Street Foundation, the "Artboards" are a project that seeks to highlight local artists and build upon Kansas City’s reputation as America’s Creative Crossroads.

Mantia and Reeves will showcase a piece titled Angelmaids of Mer-County, which is part of their ongoing project, "Year of Dreams." The piece features the artists as models in costumes of their own design and making. To create these works, Mantia and Reeves travel to famous mass gatherings around the world to take part in what the artists call "oddball micro-cultures." With the help of a trusty iPhone and the experts at Express Photo in Brookside, the pair was able to enlarge the images without compromising the integrity of the work.

Megan Mantia and Leone Reeves, Angelmaids of Mer-County, to be displayed on the West-facing billboards.

Also featured on this summer’s "Artboards" is Honig’s Analogue Tendril. The reformatted images feature "deaf twin saints," a reflection of American and Argentinian cultures. The painting began in Kansas City as a seven-layer silkscreen and was transported to Buenos Aires, Argentina for completion to better capture the essence of both environments.

Peregrine Honig, Analogue Tendril, to be displayed on the East-facing billboards.

"The chord that threads these boys together looks like beeswax or earwax. It mirrors the dirty and oxidizing metallic patinas you see all over Argentina in depictions of their public saints and in the decorative arts," said Honig, adding, "The frilly flowered ruffs the twins wear around their necks suggest an impaired indulgence, a wilting Rococo or Baroque gaudiness."

Mantia is a documentary photographer/producer. Reeves is a performance artist in collaboration with Whoop Dee Doo, the SSION and filmmaker Melika Bass.

Honig is a highly accomplished artist whose work has been shown all over the world and is on permanent display in multiple collections.

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