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Middle of the Map – Forum for Inspiration

Thursday March 6, 2014

Every year, inspiring and innovative leaders and thinkers come together for Ink's Middle of the Map Forum. Highlighting Kansas City’s range of culture, the Forum is a hub for thought leaders to share new and imaginative ideas.

This year’s Forum is Friday, April 11, and features more than 50 speakers and panelists presenting on the topics of art, culture and technology communities.

Presenting sponsor Missouri Bank is participating in a unique way.

"We're asking people at the Forum to write their dreams for Kansas City on the wall," said mobank President and CEO Grant Burcham. "This city is filled with dreamers. But it's also filled with people and organizations who can make those dreams happen."

The "KC Dream Wall" is a custom-built, 8-by-40-foot wall featuring two elements – a silhouette of the Kansas City skyline and a simple question: "What if _______?"

The wall is a blank canvas for attendees to write their wildest of dreams and grandest of aspirations for Kansas City: their "What ifs." Those who can't make it to the Forum are invited to tweet their dream to #WhatIfKC so it can be added to the wall.

Contributing artistic inspiration to the Forum will be Charlie Mylie, commissioned as the “mobank artist” at MOTM. Mylie’s talents will be at work interpreting and creating visual representations of attendees’ dreams right there, on the spot.

“What I love about Charlie’s work is that it gives people a chance to take home a beautiful piece – original art – that they inspired themselves,” said Burcham.

Ink's Middle of the Map Forum will be held at the Kansas City Star Pavilion, where a Kickoff Party will begin Thursday at 5 p.m. with a special performance by Kansas City’s own Quixotic. The Forum will continue with 50+ speakers and panelists throughout Friday.

Tickets are open to the public and can be purchased online by clicking here. To view the full schedule of the events, click here.

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