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Wednesday April 24, 2013

"It's not rocket science. It’s all about forming strong relationships with customers, providing value and being a good neighbor. That starts with having high-quality people and a great work environment," wrote James Dornbrook, quoting Grant Burcham, in the April 26 issue of the Kansas City Business Journal.

Grant Burcham, mobank’s CEO and president, shares the secret of maintaining a .01 percent problem loan ratio while growing loans by 11.7 percent. And as always, Grant attributes it to the mobankers, the essence of good customer relationships and placement of branches in tight-knit communities.

Burcham was quoted in the article saying, "By not paying incentives, it forces everybody in the bank to focus on the customer. That means the customer wins. You take care of each other and don't take yourself too seriously. You check your ego at the door and have fun at work, which enables you to attract and keep really great people who value that work environment."

Dornbrook interviewed a mobank customer, Alex Pope, owner of a local butcher shop, The Local Pig. Dornbrook wrote, "Friends kept encouraging him to join Missouri Bank, but he dragged his feet, thinking all banks were equally annoying." Pope added, "I switched over, and now I'm actually surprised how much I enjoy going there. They know me on sight and take care of everything really quickly."

Check out the full story in the print edition. Or, if you’re a subscriber to the KCBJ, you can read all about it here.

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