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From Blight to Art

Friday April 19, 2013

"You've seen them — the Missouri Bank Crossroads Artboards, reclaimed billboards now used exclusively for local artists to show their work. Once a symbol of blight, these billboards-turned-canvases are now as recognizable a beacon of the Crossroads as the pylons on top of Bartle Hall are of downtown," wrote Maureen Sullivan in the April issue of Spaces Kansas City.

Our very own Julie Nelson Meers was interviewed for the story titled, "An Artful April." Meers tells the tale of the journey mobank took when it purchased and rehabbed an old building located in the heart of the Crossroads. The city considered the outdoor boards atop the building to be a blighting factor. After rallying for permission from the city, Missouri Bank worked with Charlotte Street Foundation to transform the boards to display local art instead of advertising.

"We realize that people are really noticing them. They may not realize that Missouri Bank is underneath those boards. But they’re noticing the boards, they’re noticing the art, and that’s super cool for us," said Meers in the article.

"The Crossroads is a mecca of artistic creativity, so it seemed a perfect way to honor the artists and give them a new avenue to display their work," said CEO and President Grant Burcham.

Read more in the full edition of Spaces Kansas City.

“An Artful April”
By contributing writer Maureen Sullivan
Spaces Kansas City
April 2013 “Celebrating Spring” Issue
Pages 80-81

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