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SparkLabKC℠ Sponsorship Consistent with mobank Philosophy

Friday, March 1, 2013

mobank is proud to sponsor SparkLabKC℠, a business accelerator program aimed at early-stage internet startup companies.

“SparkLabKC℠ helps smart people with good ideas get off the ground faster with a better chance for success,” said Grant Burcham, mobank president and CEO. “ Consistent with mobank’s ‘Be the Difference’ culture, this sponsorship supports our commitment to be part of an encouraging community so that our customers can strive to be what they want to be.”

The program provides seed capital, business advisory services, access to 80 mentors and free workspace for a summer-long program that culminates in a formal presentation to angel investors and venture capitalists.

“This is a model that works and has every prospect of resulting in 10 new internet companies with roots right here in Kansas City,” Burcham said. “This is especially true since Kansas City is winning national media notice as a start-up mecca.”

This recognition acknowledges the impact on Kansas City of signature programs such as the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Innovation Center, the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program and the Kauffman Foundation. The implementation of Google Fiber beginning this year offers even greater leverage for success, since SparkLabKC℠ focuses on Internet start-ups.

“Ultimately, SparkLabKC℠ will generate new companies and new jobs and thus have a significant impact on our community,” Burcham said.

Registration is open until March 31 for teams of two to four founders, one of whom must have Internet coding experience. Ten teams will spend the summer refining business and product strategy, developing a prototype and refining the prototype pitch to be made Aug. 23.

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