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Grant Burcham featured in KC Business

Monday January 14, 2013

“For us, it’s not about having the biggest, most profitable business. It’s about taking care of every single person along the way,” said Grant Burcham, mobank’s CEO and president, in a recent story by KC Business.

KC Business goes in-depth into the essence of what mobank stands for and the core values mobankers exude on a daily basis. Burcham sheds light on the impact of keeping money circulating locally, the bank’s citywide events, and a little mobank history.

“As an organization and as individuals, we can behave in a way that ensures everyone we work with is better off. You should expect more than just your money being there at the end of the month. If you own a small business, you should expect a referral. Not just someone who can sell you something, but somebody you can sell something to,” Burcham was quoted saying.

“Local is important because of what we do with your deposit. We’re going to take that money and loan it back out in your community. We have a limited footprint. It could be used for your neighbor’s garage or a shop downtown. I would rather shop at Brookside Toy than drive out to Toys R Us because I want Brookside Toy to be there in 25 years. When you put your money in a national bank, it could be used anywhere in the world,” Burcham said.

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