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Growth, the Old-Fashioned Way: Customer Service

Thursday October 25, 2012

mobank’s commitment to strong relationships is fueling growth that is making it one of the strongest banks in Kansas City, according to new FDIC figures.

Grant Burcham, mobank President and CEO, said growth occurred because bank employees build business "the old-fashioned way," the Business Journal reported.

Federal figures show that of 145 Kansas City bank brands, mobank was the 18th largest bank in Kansas City based on deposits, up from 26th, the "biggest jump in the ranking for a bank that didn't make an acquisition," the Kansas City Business Journal reported Oct. 12.

"I think it reinforces our strategy, which is neighborhood-based, relationship-based and community-based banking," Burcham said. "We’re opening more accounts every month than we ever have. That’s all new business and new relationships," as well as growth of existing customers.

mobank caters to customer preferences, Burcham said, with both electronic- and branch-banking options.

"We're kind of in an interesting phase, demographically," Burcham said. "We have a segment of our customer base that will never use a mobile banking application, and we have a segment of our customer base that will never go into a branch. We have to appeal to both of those and will for quite a while."

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