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Wednesday August 29, 2012


mobank is known for acquiring pretty amazing customers, and this fall is no different., a new customer and proud partner, is a "civic crowdfunding platform" site where community members can propose civic projects, while others can help fund projects they would like to see completed.

Missouri Bank, in support of and Kansas City, has committed to match every donation (up to $500) to Paint the Town Green from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

Paint the Town Green, proposed by Give Us a Gig, is a community project with the goal of making Google Fiber available to every neighborhood in Kansas City. The project states, "We will work through schools, community organizations and our own volunteer network to sign up enough households to make the neighborhood (and its earmarked community institutions) eligible for fiber connections."

Each neighborhood must obtain a specific percentage of pre-registered households to qualify for Google Fiber's initial rollout. The number of pre-registrations needed for a neighborhood can range anywhere from 40 to 200 households. The pre-registration fee of $10 and can only be paid online. Some citizens may not have a means of electronic payment, or $10 to spare. That's where mobank and our community steps in. serves as the platform where people can help fund Give Us a Gig's effort.

Donations toward Paint the Town Green will help fund the Google Fiber pre-registration fees to green light neighborhoods that have been unable to connect, as well as continuing education in the neighborhood regarding the "value of connectivity." Donations may go toward a specified "fiberhood," otherwise the money goes to the neighborhoods with the most need.

"It's great to see Kansas City step up for projects they care about. If we can help register and connect the neighborhoods that need some assistance, the schools and libraries in those areas will also be connected. Google Fiber could have a terrific impact there," said Grant Burcham, Missouri Bank president and CEO.

Eligible neighborhoods must meet the pre-registration requirements by Sept. 9. Paint the Town Green will only be funded if $5,000 is committed by this date. So far, $3,056 has been raised. For Kansas City education and the members of our community, let’s rally together to raise the last $1,944.

mobank is committed to being the difference. You in?
To donate or view a detailed description of the project, as well as other projects, go to

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