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Wednesday August 01, 2012


Adding more sizzle to a blistering summer, the works of two hot new local artists appear on the Artboards above mobank's Crossroads branch in time for August's First Friday.

Gavin Snider, a project designer at el dorado inc., created an intricate illustration of now-demolished or radically altered Kansas City buildings. The works of art reflect the forces that have shaped our cityscape, including local topics like racial politics and speculative development.

"I hope the illustration can prompt people to think, if just for a moment, about their relationship to the buildings and landscape that surround them, to see the city as a living thing that is in a constant state of change and evolution," Snider says.

On the other side of the Artboards are the works of Kansas City freelance photojournalist and artist Sabrina Staires.

Staires' photographic images, Elephants on Parade, were shot just a few years ago as the circus arrived in Kansas City. She says that her chance encounter was "a pretty bizarre and magical experience" that was evocative of another time.

The images convey "a feeling of nostalgia about being a kid and being taken to the circus” as well as "sympathy for the elephants marching through an environment that is so unnatural to them," the artist says.

Both artists studied in the area – Snider at the University of Kansas and Staires at UMKC and Kansas City Art Institute. Their works rise above mobank’s Crossroads branch at 125 Southwest Blvd. through October 2012.

The Artboards are a program of Art through Architecture, a partnership of Charlotte Street Foundation and American Institute of Architects-Kansas City in collaboration with mobank. Inaugurated at mobank's Crossroads branch in 2008 and changed quarterly, the Artboards have featured works by Kansas City artists Warren Rosser, Jaimie Warren, Archie Scott Gobber, Miki Baird, Elijah Gowin, Emily Sall, Grant Miller, May Tveit, Allan Winkler, Mike Sinclair, Anne Lindberg, Paul Shortt, Adolfo Martinez, Jerry Kunkel, Deanna Dikeman, Mary Wessel, Barry Anderson, Luke Firle, Derrick Breidenthal, Jon Scott Anderson, Cory Imig and Erika Lynne Hanson.

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