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Not Your Average Car Business

Wednesday March 28, 2012

We’re proud of the businesses that make up the mobank client base. They are cool companies doing interesting things. Take Mid-America Car. They repair railroad cars, a specialized and important service right off Riverfront Road in our city’s industrial core.

Curtis and Frank Blanc of Mid-America Car, mobank customers for 30 years, stopped by the Downtown branch recently to present mobank and Jim Goetz, senior VP, with the company’s Vendor of the Year award.

Mid-America Car Awarded

Curtis took the opportunity to speak about the great connection Mid-America Car has developed with mobank over the past 30 years. The owners presented Goetz with a handsome wood plaque.

“This award serves as a good reminder that mobank’s competitive advantage is not our locations, our technology, or our rates or products. It’s our relationships,” Goetz said. “It’s important to remember that what our customers care about most are partnerships and community. We feel better off by knowing them. I think they feel the same about us.”

Mid-America Car Inc.—Locomotive (the official company name) has been family owned and operated since 1978. The business has nearly 50 employees, some of whom have been part of the company from day one. They perform a variety of freight car, passenger car and locomotive repairs and supply replacement parts to a global customer base.

Here’s to the next 30 years, Curtis and Frank! We are honored by the award and your continued business.

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