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Environmental Context Inspires mobank’s Artboards

Friday April 27, 2012


The latest update of the Artboards exhibit at mobank’s Crossroads branch gives viewers a new look at common objects and the environments in which they appear.

mobank has hosted the Artboards since the Crossroads branch opened more than three years ago. Instead of commercial advertising, the billboard space becomes a public canvas for some of Kansas City’s most talented, up-and-coming artists.

The latest exhibitors, Cory Imig and Erika Lynne Hanson, take similar but different approaches to objects and their environments.

Using a cellphone camera attached to binoculars, Imig photographed the sky around the west-facing Artboards. The technique confuses the cellphone camera’s autofocus feature, creating images with a soft, slightly blurred edge on a circular format.

Cory Imig left Cory Imig right

What the viewer sees will differ depending on time of day and weather conditions, blending some of the time and contrasting at other times. Check it out often.

Erika Lynne Hanson examines how objects change themselves and their environments. On the east-facing Artboards, she is exhibiting Wind Survey: 2, which incorporates still images from her recent video of the same name.

AErika Lynne Hanson left Erika Lynne Hanson right

In the work, she records how ice and a fallen plant atop cedar planks on a beach register the effects of heat and wind. The before-and-after transition reveals atmospheric conditions, the landscape’s fluctuations and each object’s own characteristics. Displaced from original context and inserted into another on a billboard, Hanson’s art explores what the objects reveal about the landscape of Kansas City’s urban environment.

The Imig and Hanson works are exhibited above mobank’s Crossroads branch, 125 Southwest Blvd., through June 2012.

The Artboards are a program of Art through Architecture, a partnership of Charlotte Street Foundation and American Institute of Architects-Kansas City in collaboration with mobank. Inaugurated at mobank’s Crossroads branch in 2008 and changed quarterly, the Artboards have featured works by Kansas City artists Warren Rosser, Jaimie Warren, Archie Scott Gobber, Miki Baird, Elijah Gowin, Emily Sall, Grant Miller, May Tveit, Allan Winkler, Mike Sinclair, Anne Lindberg, Paul Shortt, Adolfo Martinez, Jerry Kunkel, Deanna Dikeman, Mary Wessel, Barry Anderson, Luke Firle, Derrick Breidenthal and Jon Scott Anderson.


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