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Thursday January 12, 2012

Technology serves as both an artist’s tool, and subject matter, in the latest installation on mobank’s iconic Crossroads “Artboards.”

One side of the installation, created by painter Derrick Breidenthal, pairs a painted landscape with a pixilated, digital representation of the same scene. The other features a single photographic image crafted by Jon Scott Anderson. It’s compiled from multiple, original images taken from several points of view, and spread across two boards.

Breidenthal left Breidenthal right

According to the Art through Architecture organization, which administers the artboard programming in partnership with mobank, Breidenthal’s goal is “provoking consideration of how our digital environment is fundamentally transforming the way we see and experience space and place.”

Anderson’s image, the organization said, “inserts a patch of lush green forest into the urban realm in the dead of winter.” Describing the piece, Anderson wrote, “Across a field of green, black vines write their calligraphy, a poem about their gestural nature and this place in the forest.”

Anderson left Anderson right

The Artboard series is displayed atop the mobank Crossroads branch at 125 Southwest Blvd. Launched in 2008, the building's existing double-sided billboards were renovated and converted into a highly visible site for original artwork by area artists. It was part of the bank's purchase and renovation of the building. Every four months, the boards display a set of newly commissioned works.

Thus far, the Artboards have featured works by Kansas City artists Warren Rosser, Jaimie Warren, Archie Scott Gobber, Miki Baird, Elijah Gowin, Emily Sall, Grant Miller, May Tveit, Allan Winkler, Mike Sinclair, Anne Lindberg, Paul Shortt, Adolfo Martinez, Jerry Kunkel, Deanna Dikeman, Mary Wessel, Barry Anderson and Luke Firle.

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