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Digital Evocations of the Recent Past

Friday Sep 9, 2011

Anderson left Anderson right

The latest installation on mobank's iconic Crossroads "Artboards" features a two-panel digital landscape crafted by video artist and photographer Barry Anderson, and abstract paintings by painter Luke Firle.

Anderson's work, displayed on the west-facing boards, is composed of a variety of image fragments drawn from the artist's own work as well as classic advertising images. According to the Art through Architecture organization, which administers the artboard programming in partnership with mobank, "Anderson's pair of images portray a contiguous artificial landscape populated by a glossy mix of human figures, animals and objects, which the artist refers to as 'a landscape of memory and cultural refuse.' "

Firle left Firle right

Firle's paintings on the east-facing boards are intended to evoke the boards' original function as advertising vehicles.

"After considering the history of billboards as a whole, I became intrigued by the older, more hands-on process of wheat pasting and how, once neglected and weathered, they became deteriorated abstractions of the past," says Firle. "I used this concept in creating my pieces by dissecting older works and then layering newer images on top – basically creating new abstractions of my own work. What started off as a tactile process, painting, was then repurposed into a final digital output."

The Artboard series, displayed atop the mobank Crossroads branch at 125 Southwest Blvd., launched in fall 2008, when the building's existing double-sided billboards were renovated and converted into a highly visible site for work by area artists as part of the bank's purchase and renovation of the building. Every four months, the boards display a set of newly commissioned work.

Thus far, the Artboards have featured works by Kansas City artists Warren Rosser, Jaimie Warren, Archie Scott Gobber, Miki Baird, Elijah Gowin, Emily Sall, Grant Miller, May Tveit, Allan Winkler, Mike Sinclair, Anne Lindberg, Paul Shortt, Adolfo Martinez, Jerry Kunkel, Deanna Dikeman and Mary Wessel.

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