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RPS III: Friends with Paperfists

Thursday Sep 8, 2011


Are you ready for RPS III?

That raucous tournament is back for another evening of First Friday revelry.

The date for the 2011 event is October 7. Once again, local companies will conduct in-house tournaments and send their winners to compete in the event in the Crossroads, where music, refreshments, friendly competition and general goofiness will all be part of the mix.

"When we started this in 2009 as a fun little diversion, we had no idea it would grow into such a popular annual event. But it's clear that our Crossroads community has a real affinity for this kind of anti-competition, where nothing matters but the creativity and verve you bring to it, and the good feelings you carry away at the end," said mobank president and CEO Grant Burcham.

The fun starts at 5:30 p.m., Oct. 7, at mobank's Crossroads branch, 125 Southwest Boulevard. Bring your own hand.

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