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The Art of Photography: April 2011 Artboards

Thursday May 5, 2011

The latest installation on mobank's iconic Crossroads "artboards" features eye-catching photographs by Kansas City artists Mary Wessel and Deanna Dikeman.

In Wessel's case, the term "photograph" is a bit of a misnomer. Her images, created in a darkroom without aid of a camera, are more accurately known as photograms. The two displayed on the east-facing boards are from a series she has called "Worldscapes."


The images are created on photographic paper using a variety of chemical processes and common household items. According to her statement, "elements of spontaneity and chance are used to explore themes of time, transformation, and materiality … each image evinces a sense of turbulent forces in the process of gathering or morphing, with associations ranging from the cellular to the cosmic."

On the west-facing boards, Dikeman's cropped shots of ballroom dancers appear in full-color close-ups focused on the placement of dancers' hands on a bejeweled gown that clings to the curves of its wearer. Dikeman, influenced by her own experiences as an amateur competitive ballroom dancer, cited the dancers' dresses as an inspiration.


"By showing the clothing in motion, I can capture the energy of the dancers and the music that moves them, as well as the visual feast of color and sparkle," Dikeman said.

The artboard series, displayed atop mobank's Crossroads branch at 125 Southwest Blvd., launched in fall 2008, when the building's existing double-sided billboards were renovated and converted into a highly visible site for work by area artists as part of the bank's purchase and renovation of the building. Every four months, the boards display a set of newly commissioned works.

Thus far, the artboards have featured works by Kansas City artists Warren Rosser, Jaimie Warren, Archie Scott Gobber, Miki Baird, Elijah Gowin, Emily Sall, Grant Miller, May Tveit, Allan Winkler, Mike Sinclair, Anne Lindberg, Paul Shortt, Adolfo Martinez and Jerry Kunkel.

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