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mobank and Trozzolo earn award for RPS Throwdown Tournament.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"At mobank, we're customers of our customers. It's that kind of relationship that makes this bank special," said President and CEO Grant Burcham. "In addition, mobank recommends our customers to others. It's a tight network."

"We love to see our customers earn recognition for their great work. When the customer is lauded for doing great work for us, that's even better," he adds.

Trozzolo Communications Group is a mobank customer, and mobank's marketing communications consultant.

At a recent PRISM Awards competition sponsored by the Kansas City chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, Trozzolo received a silver award for the event materials for the Crossroads Rock-Paper-Scissors Throwdown Tournament held annually in October. Trozzolo created the event materials for what has become one of the most fun-tastic events in the Crossroads community. The trophy is now on display at the Crossroads branch.

"The RPS Throwdown is a terrific event because it brings our Crossroads community together in an atmosphere of spirited fun," said Burcham. "Charlie Barnard of Foot Traffic won the Throwdown Title in October, but we're glad to see Trozzolo earn a little bling of their own."

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