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Grant Burcham on what it meant to give back by Paying It Forward

Friday, January 5, 2011

Kansas City is known as one of the most generous cities in the United States. KCB Magazine's December issue highlights the city's unsung contributors, and Missouri Bank President and CEO Grant Burcham describes what it meant to give back to the community through the Pay it Forward program - a program that allowed Missouri Bank employees to spread the wealth. An inspirational note was clipped to two $100 bills and given to an employee whose name had been drawn. It was up to the employee to give the cash to someone they believed needed it most. Giving the money away was "much more difficult than one would think," says President and CEO Grant Burcham, who held on to the money for six weeks trying to find the perfect recipient. There was no mention of Missouri Bank on the donations. "Those gifts weren't about the bank, they were about the recipients and our employees," Burcham says.

As some of mobank's small business customers faced new economic realities, the bank pulled back on the program to fully assist its customers with all of its resources.

"We are looking forward to reinstating this program in the future," Burcham says.

Read about Missouri Bank's Pay it Forward program by visiting Simply go to the "Library" and download the December 2010 issue. The article begins on page 36.