Business Loans

It may be more difficult than ever to find a bank with the resources and expertise to lend to small businesses, but it's never been easier at mobank. We take the time to get to know you, to ask questions and really understand your business. You won't wait weeks on end for the answers.

We understand the importance of timely information and quick turnaround – here, you get both, along with a variety of business loan options, individualized to fit your unique needs.

Lines of Credit
Consider this cost-effective approach for filling gaps in your cash flow. Perfect for seasonal changes in inventory and receivables, unexpected cash needs, or for taking advantage of vendor discounts. Lines of credit are typically repaid from your business' operating cash flow (i.e., with the collection of receivables).

  • Secured by receivables and inventory
  • Revolving balance – multiple advances and repayments
  • Flexible principal repayment schedule
  • Balance paid to zero sometime during your business cycle
  • Monthly interest payments on outstanding balance
  • One-year commitment

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Term Loans
Also called installment loans, term loans are commonly used for long-term capital requirements like machinery, equipment and vehicles. Other uses include financing a change in ownership or new business acquisitions.

  • Secured by the assets being purchased
  • Equal monthly payments
  • One- to five-year amortization period
  • Fixed interest rates available

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