Business Banking

Business eBanking

Getting Started
Easy to use and convenient to access, Business eBanking gives you 24/7 account capabilities – whether you're at home, in the office or on the road.

With Missouri Bank's Business eBanking, our lobby is as close as your computer:

  • Securely access your accounts
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • View account activity anytime you want, and print or download it into your financial management software
  • Pay bills online
  • Place stop pays
  • View last 12 months of your statements
  • Maintain alerts for specific balance or transaction activity

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What's needed?

  1. At least one checking, savings or loan account with Missouri Bank.
  2. An active account with an Internet Service Provider and a browser with 128-bit Strong Encryption that is compatible with mobank's Business eBanking system.

    Check to make sure you have one of the recommended browsers listed below. While other browser editions may work, these browsers have been tested and certified to work with our Business eBanking system.

    Mac Users (Mac OS X 10.8 or higher)

    PC Users (Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2 and WIndows 7)

    To download the most recent version of Acrobat®, click here.

  3. Tell us which accounts or loans you want to view as part of your Business eBanking portfolio. (Note: Bill Pay option is available with checking accounts only. Enroll after signing up for Business eBanking.)

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Additional Services available within Business eBanking

Bill Pay
Paying bills online with mobank Bill Pay is fast and easy. You can pay almost any merchant or service provider with a U.S. Postal address. All you need is mobank Business eBanking and a checking account.

  • Simple and intuitive
  • View payment history
  • Make inter-bank transfers of funds to accounts at other financial institutions
  • Receive email notifications for activated payees, summary of payments, and upcoming payment due dates

To learn more, contact our eBanking department or give us a call at 816-881-8270.

Net Deposit – (Remote Deposit)
NetDeposit offers a time-saving alternative to the daily bank run for check deposits.

  • Scan checks directly into your account via Business eBanking
  • Deposits hit your account faster so funds are available sooner.
  • Extended cutoff time for having deposits post same-day
  • Complete control over who can scan and send checks.

To learn more, contact our eBanking department or give us a call at 816-881-8270.

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Allow mobank to process your company's payments and receivables electronically with ACH origination access. You'll save time and money.

  • Simple authorization is all it takes to begin receiving and making payments electronically through Business eBanking.
  • Safe, convenient and confidential.
  • No waiting for checks to clear.
  • Put an end to the time you spend making paper payments and processing paper receivables.
  • Multiple security levels ensure that only authorized parties have access to originate ACH transactions.

To learn more, contact our eBanking department or give us a call at 816-881-8270.

Wire Transfers
Utilize a fast, secure method for distributing funds – around the world.

  • Immediately move funds from bank to bank– domestically and internationally in U.S and multiple currencies.
  • Multiple security levels ensure that only authorized parties have access to originate wire transactions.
  • Automatic notification of incoming and outgoing wires is available.

To learn more, contact our eBanking department or give us a call at 816-881-8270.

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Positive Pay
Get an extra layer of oversight on outgoing checks to provide increased protection against fraud.

  • Upload your listing of outgoing check numbers, check dates, amounts and payees within your Business eBanking site.
  • We compare incoming checks against that record and alert you of discrepancies. This allows you to determine whether there was a mistake or fraud.
  • Easy to set up and easy to manage.

To learn more, contact our eBanking department or give us a call at 816-881-8270.

Business eBanking Best Practices and User Responsibilities

Download the best practices for business e-banking pdf.

Best Practices for eBanking Fraud Prevention


  • Create strong complex passwords
  • Change passwords frequently.
  • Create unique passwords for each system/website you use.
  • Don’t use the Remember Me login option that saves usernames and passwords.
  • Do not write down usernames and passwords.

Security Habits:

  • Do not share your passwords, security questions & answers or tokens with anyone. Report any lost or stolen tokens immediately.
  • Never access eBanking using computers at kiosks, cafés or public Wi-Fi’s.
  • Lock your computer, even when you step away from your computer for a few minutes. Utilize the “time out” feature on your computer.
  • Don’t open email from unknown sources or click on links within unknown emails.
  • Have the latest versions of security, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software installed.
  • Install regular updates and /or any patches related to operating systems and applications.
  • Remove any unnecessary or unused software programs.

Online Payments & Account Data:

  • Prohibit the use of shared logins and tokens. Report any lost or stolen tokens immediately.
  • Segregate responsibilities among multiple employees for maintenance, entry and approval of all cash management services.
  • Take advantage of transaction limits and dual control for all cash management services.
  • At least annually evaluate employee job functions to ensure appropriate settings
  • Set up alerts to be notified of payments or unusual activity that might warrant additional attention.
  • Reconcile accounts by carefully monitoring activity and reviewing all transactions initiated by your company.
  • When you have completed your eBanking session, always click on the “Exit” link and log out – do not simply close the window. Closing the browser completely after your session provides greater security.
  • Use separate accounts for electronic and paper transactions to simplify monitoring and track discrepancies.
  • If possible, dedicate or limit the number of computers used to complete eBanking transitions. Do not allow internet browsing or email exchanges on dedicated computer.

If you notice any suspicious activity with your accounts or experience any fraud related events, please call us at 816-881-8200 or email us at Stay safe out there.

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